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Welcome Red Elephant Community!

I am privileged to work with an outstanding faculty and staff at GMS to make a smooth transition for our students during their middle school years. Our purpose is to encourage active student engagement for all students to foster a lifetime love for learning.  

The middle school years are full of opportunity and change for students and families. Therefore, we commit as a school to work to provide the most meaningful academic, social, and life-long learning experiences for your children. We strive daily to carry out our mission to inspirenurturechallenge and prepare our students.

I am eager to witness your children grow, succeed, and connect with the GMS family throughout these years in middle school. We value our partnership with families as we navigate these challenging times together. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions or concerns. Stay safe!

Go Big Red!

Misty Freeman, Principal
Gainesville Middle School 


How can I help? Seeing every student succeed is our goal at Gainesville Middle School. We work together to support our students and staff succeed and move to the next level of achievement.  We as a school, believe in the everyday practice of being readyrespectfulresponsible, role model Red Elephants.

Gary Papka, Assistant Principal 


What did you learn today? Everyday, I encourage you to ask your students what they learned today. Each class has an essential question (EQ) they work toward mastering everyday in each class. As educators, we strive to teach the students mastery of the standards. 

Titia Sargent, Assistant Principal