Summer Learning
Summer Learning

Summer Academy:

We are excited to invite a selected group of RED ELEPHANTS to our Summer Academy this June!

Why are students invited?

  • Continuation of building skills to progress successfully to  the next level
  • Good behavior and strong work ethic required to be invited 
  • Passing grade but focused skill development/enhancement in ELA and/or Math due to remote learning, quarantine or break in traditional instruction
  • Certified ELA and Math teachers leading Summer Academy
  • Class size of 15 students max per teacher
  • Individualized support in ELA and Math
  • Inclusion of summer assignments work time and support for all 4 content areas
  • Face to face courses at GMS
  • Media center will be OPEN for resources, supports, and access to all school material
  • Transportation provided by school system or parent pick-up/drop off option
  • Daily snacks provided      

Questions? Please email Dr. Hannah Reaume, School Learning Coordinator [email protected]


Summer Assignments:

All students have a SUMMER LEARNING KIT to work on during the summer.