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Meet the HERD

Over HERD works every day to carry out our mission to inspirenurturechallenge and prepare. Our school is organized into TEAMS that serve students by grade level teams.  Email is the easiest and preferred communication way to get in touch with our classroom teachers. Please feel free to reach out by phone 770-534-4237 and speak with our school secretary as needed for questions.

6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade

Team 1

Ms. Trillet, ELA      

Team 1

Ms. Fallaw, ELA

Team 1

Ms. Pardue, ELA 

Mr. Bailey, Band/Music

Ms. Bussler

Ms. Oliver, Math

Ms. Roland, Math

Ms. Bowers, Math

Ms. Moore, Chorus

Ms. Rogers

Ms. Dalton, Science  

Mr. Hendrix, Science

Ms. Ledford, Science

Mr. Bradley, Construction

Ms. Forrester 

Ms. Soto, Social Studies

Ms. Glazier, Social Studies

Ms. Thomas, Social Studies

Ms. Roman, Spanish

Ms. Risener


Team 2

Ms. Ivy, ELA


Team 2

Ms. Tolliver ELA



Ms. Hudgin,  ELA

Mr. Sero, Reading

Ms. Daniel 


Ms. Turk, Math

Mr. Barr, Math

Ms. Lopez, Math

Ms. Mulkey, Family Consumer Science

Mr. Redmon


Ms. Hecht, Science

Ms. Odom, Science

Mr. Sparks, Science

Ms. Jacobs, Reading

Ms. Dalton


Coach Ingram, Social Studies


Mr. Larry, Social Studies

Mr. Ford, Social Studies

Ms. Foster, Health



Team 3

Ms. Gaspardo, ELA


Team 3

Mr. Saxton, ELA


Team 3

Ms. Gladden, ELA

Ms. Cherry, Business


Ms. Staiger, Math

Ms. Patel, Math

Ms. King, Math

Ms. McIntosh, PE


Ms. Ellington, Science 


Dr. Reaume, Science

Ms. Hamilton, Science

Mr. Baudo, PE


Ms. Griffin, Social Studies

Mr. Leach, Social Studies

Ms. Blackwood, Social Studies

Mr. Brownlee, Weight Training


Ms. Murray, ESOL


Ms. Rhoad, Art


Mr. Nasworthy, Computer Science


Ms. Nelson Drama