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November Newsletter

Policies and Procedures Mission Statement

The Gainesville Middle School Media Center exists to assist students in their search for recreational and curricular reading material; to promote students’ life-long enthusiasm for reading; to collaborate with teachers to improve curriculum development and student achievement; and to assist in technology support and integration of technology into classrooms.

Facilities and Materials

We have more than 13,500 books and materials for check-out.

Checking Out Materials

Students can check-out one item at a time.  Items can be kept for two weeks.

Students are encouraged to return and/or pay for overdue/lost books as soon as possible.  If the book is found, the Media Center will give a full refund of fines paid.

If students have not returned or paid for lost books from the previous year, they will not be allowed to check out books during the new school year until their account has been cleared.  Participation in special activities may also be withheld.


We follow the donation policy of the Gainesville Board of Education, IFAA/IFAB-R, which was issued on 5/7/97.  The donation policy states:  Gift materials are to be judged by basic selection standards, and accepted or rejected according to these standards.

These standards include, but are not limited to:

Timeliness or permanence

Importance of the subject matter

Readability and popular appeal

Reputation of the author, publisher, vendor, etc.

Upon acceptance, the gifts or donations become property of the school system and are subject to the laws, rules, and regulations that govern the school system. Donated items will be placed in the library media center if they meet the selection criteria and will also be weeded according to the policies for all library materials.

Gifts in the form of cash donations and memorial requests are also accepted. Materials will be ordered in keeping with the donor’s wishes if the request complies with the library’s selection criteria.