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Student Handbook

Hello Gainesville Middle School Families!

Welcome to the home of the Red Elephants. I am excited to welcome our students and families to a new and exciting school year. I am looking forward to a year of thriving success and opportunities for growth and expansion of a rigorous curriculum, engaging classroom experiences, and partnerships between the school, parents, and the community. Gainesville Middle School serves the total child by building a strong system of support for students as they transition from elementary school and prepare to enter high school.

Middle school is a special time of rapid growth and development for adolescent students. I hope we can help make this time of unexpected firsts as smooth as possible. It is also a time to teach lifelong skills that will set a strong foundation for high school and beyond. Our expectation is that all students are READY, RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, ROLE MODELS.

This handbook is specific to Gainesville Middle School and includes the Gainesville City Schools Student Code of Conduct. As questions or concerns arise throughout the year, please use the information contained in this document to help guide productive discussions.

Thank you for your continued support of our HERD!

Mrs. Misty Freeman, Principal
Gainesville Middle School

The Student and Parent Handbook is subject to updates from the Board of Education.
For the latest policy and rule updates, please visit the Gainesville City School System website.

Student and Parent Handbook