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6th Grade Address Verification

Each 6th grade student parent/guardian will need to provide PROOF OF RESDIENCY for their child. 
Please provide to the school at OPEN HOUSE or drop by the school after July 8, 20024 between 8 and 3 with copies of your PROOF OF RESIDENCY. 

Two Proofs of Residency required, including one from each list:

ONE from this list: AND One from this list:
  • non-contingent sales contract
  • current lease/rental agreement
  • most recent income tax return or IRS Form 1099
  • current paycheck stub
  • current warranty or quit claim deed
  • current home purchase agreement
  • current homeowner's insurance policy
  • current gas bill (within last 30 days)
  • current water bill (within last 30 days)
  • current electric bill (within last 30 days)
  • current cable/internet bill (with service address within last 30 days)

Bring one from each column to meet the requirement: 

If proof of residence is in a name other than the parent or legal guardian, a notarized school residency affidavit form must be completed and signed by both parties at the school or district office. The homeowner will need to also bring a copy of a recent bill in the homeowner’s name.

For questions, please visit the GCSS Registration Page or email the registrar at