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6th Grade Class Pacing Guides

Georgia Standards of Excellence

6th Grade Math

6th Grade Math Standards

6th Grade English Language Arts

6th Grade ELA Standards 

6th Grade Social Studies

6th Grade Social Studies Standards

6th Grade Science

6th Grade Science Standards

7th Grade Class Pacing Guides

Georgia Standards of Excellence

7th Grade Math

7th Grade Math Standards

7th Grade English Language Arts

7th Grade ELA Standards 

7th Grade Social Studies

7th Grade Social Studies Standards

7th Grade Science

7th Grade Science Standards

8th Grade Class Pacing Guides

Georgia Standards of Excellence

8th Grade Math | 9th Grade Algebra 8th Grade ELA Standards | 9th Grade ELA Standards
8th Grade English Language Arts | th Grade Literature  
8th Grade Social Studies  
8th Grade Science | 9th Grade Physical Science  


Questions about the class or a grade? Please email the teacher. 

Grading in the Classroom 

Middle school grading is a traditional grading (numeric) scale. Grades  reflect student knowledge and should be indicative of standard mastery. Behavior and effort should not be reflected in student grades. The following grading system shall be used in the Gainesville Middle School. 

Grading Scale

A:90-100 | B: 80-89 | C: 70-79 | F: Below 70

Grade Categories and Weighting

  • Summative: 45% Includes major tests and projects

  • Formative: 45% Includes quizzes and classroom assessments 

  • Exams: 10%  Midterm and final exams