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Welcome to Gainesville Middle School East


Our teams offers our students a multitude of opportunities to think critically, act compassionately, work meaningfully, choose wisely, and live joyfully.  From running the 100 meter dash in physical education, while practicing for cross country or track, to reading the latest Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl book, we do our best to enrich our students lives inside and outside the school building.

At GMS, we encourage all students to embody our PBIS 4R's representing what it means to be a Red Elephant in academics and attitude.  Students practice being READY when they enter the classroom, RESPECTFUL to classmates and adults, RESPONSIBLE for themselves and their actions, and a ROLE MODELS for all.

GCSS is growing and will open a second middle school Fall 2022--Gainesville Middle School WEST CAMPUS. For questions, please reach out to Principal Louis Mair or visit the GMS West website

About Our School

Click here to learn about our GMS! Admin, Bell Schedule, Calendar, Dress Code, Handbook, Menus, School Governance Council, and more! 


Resources to get involved with our HERD! Parent Portal for Infinite Campus, Parent Volunteer Form, Parent Coordinator, School Improvement Plan, Title 1, and more! 


Our Team


Classroom Life

Happening Now

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We want your VOTE! 
The School Governance Council works with school leadership and the community to help determine the long-term direction of the school, design innovative solutions to increase student achievement, and serve as school ambassadors to the local community. The School Governance Council is composed of parent, teacher, and school leadership members. Elected parent and teacher representatives serve a two-year term with the school principal to operate the School Governance Council. Officers are elected by the current council for a one-year term. To learn more, please visit the GMS Website: School Governance Council 

Please take time to vote for 1 parent/business representatives to serve a 2 year term on the Gainesville Middle School Governance Team.  Each GMS student family should vote on 1 ballot. Please vote by Friday, May 13, 2022. 

Click HERE to VOTE!

  • May 3: 6th and 8th Grade ELA 1
  • May 4: 6th and 8th Grade ELA 2 & 3
  • May 5: 6th and 8th Grade Math
  • May 6: Makeup Day & Virtual Students
  • May 9: Makeup Day & Virtual Students
  • May 10: 7th Grade ELA 1 and 8th Science; make-up sessions in afternoon
  • May 11: 7th Grade ELA 2 & 3 and 8th SS; make-up sessions in afternoon
  • May 12: 7th Grade Math and other grade level makeups
  • May 13: Makeup Day & Virtual Students

CHROMEBOOK Turn in Day--Chromebook and Charger Turn in 
  • Wednesday, May 18: All students will turn in the Chromebook and Charger issued to the student. Damaged or lost items will incur a cost. 

EARLY Release Days Announced & Awards Day Update
  • Wednesday, May 18:
    8th Grade Awards Day @ 9:30 in GMS Gym--Parents invited 
    Early Release for all @ 12 noon
  • Thursday, May 19:
    7th Grade Awards Day @ 9:30 in GMS Gym--Parents invited 
    Early Release for all @ 12 noon
  • Friday, May 20:
    6th Grade Awards Day@ 9:30 in GMS Gym--Parents invited 
    Early Release for all @ 12 noon

8th Grade Dance

22-23 Courses

Have a question or concern about your child's classes for next year? Please click this link to complete the PARENT FORM to enter questions, choose exploratory classes for 22-23, or update class requests.

* 5th Grade Parent Meeting: English and Spanish
* 6th & 7th Grade Parent Meeting: English and Spanish*

Which middle school are you ZONED for?

Use the ATTENDANCE MAP link below to find your SCHOOL ZONE! The dividing line is John Morrow Parkway (blue line on the map).